By Scott Littman, Israel Teaching Fellows Ramle

When I came to Israel I had three goals. First, to do what I came here to do and teach English. Second, to learn some Hebrew. Third, to make some new friends. Now that everything is over, I can say I accomplished my goals.

When I arrived in Israel I didn’t know any Hebrew. Now I can say with confidence that I can understand Hebrew. After 5 hours of Ulpan (Hebrew class) per week for 10 months, and numerous hours on speaking, reading, and listening to Hebrew in every day life. I have learned an astonishing amount of Hebrew. Now I want to continue practicing Hebrew. I will still speak to some of my friends in Hebrew and on WhatsApp. I might even be teaching Hebrew to little kids next year.

I have new friends from all walks of life, and all over the world. American’s, Israeli’s, Ethiopians, Europeans, and more, both young and old…There are even a few students that I can call friends and I really hope to see them again one day.  Continue reading “Final Thoughts for an Israel Teaching Fellow” »

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