Sure, when you think Israel, the city of Ramle isn’t usually the first place that comes to mind. But this up-and-coming city is home to some awesome surprises…

1. Easy Access to Everywhere


Located in the heart of Israel, Ramle is a convenient 20 minutes from Tel Aviv and 30 minutes from Jerusalem.


2. A Shuk to Die For


Ramle’s shuk is a treasure trove of funky delicacies, like purple carrots and artisanal breads.


3. Get Your Polyglot On


In Ramle, you’ll quickly become an expert in mixing languages. It’s not unusual to hear English, Arabic, Amharic, Russian and Hebrew – all in the same sentence.


4. Here Lies Harry Potter

Mideast Israel Harry Potter

Harry Potter (yes, that’s right) is buried in the British Cemetery in Ramle. He was a British soldier who was killed in 1939. His grave has become a huge tourist attraction.


5. Be a Part of Coexistence in the Middle East


With an extremely diverse population of Jewish-Israelis, Arab-Israelis, and new olim (immigrants), there is no better place to learn and teach the concepts of diversity, tolerance and coexistence.


6. See and be Seen at Samir’s


Samir Restaurant is a neighborhood hot spot, holding weekly concerts and parties, and is a great place to meet locals.


7. Live Ancient History


One of Ramle’s major attractions is the Pool of the Arches, a water reservoir constructed over 1,200 years ago and still standing today. Visitors can explore this blast from the ancient past by rowboat.


8. Free Fun to be Had


Ramle is full of beautiful parks with outdoor gyms and has an outdoor city pool.


9. When You’re Here, You’re Family


Ramle has a close-knit community. When you live here, you’ll not only get to know your next-door neighbor, but the entire neighborhood as well.


10. An Amazing Place to Make a Real Impact

Teacher Printable 5

Though Ramle is an up-and-coming city, it is still a low-socioeconomic area lacking in public resources. Volunteers and teachers make a lasting impact on the populations they work with.


Awesome, right? I bet you’re packing your bags already! Learn more about living and teaching in Ramle today.