About Eilat

Located on the Red Sea in Israel’s premier resort location, Eilat is the country’s
southernmost city. Cradled between stunning desert, majestic red mountains,
and the glistening sea, Eilat is the perfect paradise for your 10-month program, with
more days of sunshine than any other place in Israel. With clean beaches, fresh fruit
and vegetable markets, bars and restaurants, as well as sports centers and shopping
malls, you will find everything you’re looking for in a town filled with local Israelis and
visiting foreign tourists.

In The Classroom

Classroom sizes in Eilat range from 20-30 students. MITF Fellows might be
working in elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools depending on
the needs of the school district. Your work in the schools is completely
focused on providing an exemplary English-language role model to Israeli children,
with the expectation that your 10-month involvement in your school will help ensure
your students have more successful academic and professional lives in the future.

Where You’ll Live

All MITF Fellows share real Israeli apartments in small groups with each other in
various parts of Eilat’s residential neighborhoods. The apartments are furnished, have
air-conditioning, Wi-Fi Internet service, and have kitchens equipped with the basic
necessities to help you quickly make your apartment into your home. All Fellows share
their bedroom with another same-gender participant, 2 single beds per bedroom.

Extra Perks for Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Eilat

-Free bartender’s course for all interesting fellows
-3 round-trip plane tickets to Tel Aviv
-Free introductory scuba diving lessons

About the Provider

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Eilat is organized by Destination Israel.

Destination Israel provides you with the resources and framework to explore
Israel like a native, exploring its streets with ease and taking part in service
to a community that truly needs your help. The schools Destination Israel works
with are dedicated to their Fellows and are committed to your success. When you
join Destination Israel’s family, you will be introduced to people from all over the
world, taking part in activities and group trips that help you explore your Jewish
identity while you build a more intimate relationship with Israel, its language,
culture, and people.



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Provider Info

Gregg Hoffman info@destinationisrael.com USA: 1-888-351-9897 Canada: 1-866-269-6889 Israel: +972-73-231-3990 www.destinationisrael.com/israel-teaching-fellows/
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