Carly Rochelle

Why did you do MITF?

I did MITF because I knew I wanted to teach in the future. I didn’t know where I wanted to teach, but after Birthright I knew I wanted to teach in Israel. I found MITF and it was a perfect program for what I wanted to do.

 How was your experience?

My experience was fulfilling. I learned so much about how to be a successful English Language Learners teacher, and I enjoyed my experience within the culture of Israel. I experienced different aspects of Israel as well as getting to know the English curriculum in Israel and how we, as native English speakers, can embellish it.

 What do you do now?

I am a kindergarten teacher at Harlem Hebrew Language academy in Harlem, New York.


Hometown: Northfield, Illinois

College: Indiana University of Bloomington

Major: Elementary Education

City in Israel: Rehovot

Fellowship Year: 2017-2018

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