Jason Farina

After graduating, I knew I wanted to work and live abroad. Masa Israel Teaching Fellows was the way to meet those goals.

A couple of years ago, I didn’t even know when the Jewish holidays were and now I am working at a religious school – I absolutely love it! I can’t explain how good everything is. My school is great and I love my students. They are very eager to learn English and speak with me. They’re really interested in having a connection with a young Jewish American.

The class is very welcoming to me, I really feel at home here. I hope the students are inspired to travel and build a connection to the United States. This is a cultural exchange, as well as an amazing volunteer experience. Be'er Sheva is my favorite city in Israel. People are very friendly and eager to know what we are doing here, which is very cool. I really want to show Israelis American culture and learn about their culture, as well.

Hometown: Stone Ridge, New York

College: SUNY New Paltz

Major: History

City in Israel: Be'er Sheva

Fellowship Year: 2012-2013

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