Julia Kingsdale

I volunteer five days a week in a religious girls school in Lod, teaching and tutoring girls from grades 3 through 6 in small groups.

Although I do not have any religious background and initially was hesitant to work in a religious school, now I wouldn’t trade my time there for anything. The girls are indescribably sweet, and I have found the community very welcoming – they accept that I am not religious, and they are curious to learn about my customs as a secular Jewish American while at the same time eager to teach me about theirs.

Before I came to Israel with Masa Israel Teaching Fellows, I worked for two years in healthcare administration in Boston. Although the job was interesting and comfortable, I have found teaching these girls every day to be a more fulfilling way for me to dedicate my time. In fact, it has been easy for me to decide that, after this year, I would like not to return to my former career path but rather to continue teaching young students – maybe even in Israel.

Hometown: Somerville, MA

College: Harvard University

Major: History of Science

City in Israel: Ramle-Lod

Fellowship Year: 2011-2012

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