Seth Reder

As I try to fathom how my experience as a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow will motivate me to remain involved when I return to my home communities, I simply strive to be an educational sponge, absorbing and taking in each day and breadth of experiences I am gaining.

My goal in Israel is not only to serve my students as a leader and teacher, but also collaborate as a learner, seeking to understand the culture, society, norms, people, education, entertainment, and all facets of Israeli life. I truly believe that the best teachers are also the best learners, and I know that after I complete the Masa Israel Teaching Fellows Program, I will return to my communities as a better teacher, student, and overall person.

I have a true passion for global education, leadership, and service to others, which I hope to try to exemplify and carry out every day as a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow and within my communities.

Hometown: Miami, Florida

College: Chapman University

Major: Theatre Performance, Leadership and Organizational Studies ·

City in Israel: Netanya

Fellowship Year: 2013-2014

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