Petach Tikvah

Petach Tikvah (“Opening of Hope” in Hebrew) has come a long way since its establishment as the first Jewish agricultural settlement in the center of Israel back in the 1870s, becoming the sixth largest city in the country. Today, Petach Tikvah is one of Israel’s leading business and technology centers, with world-known companies such as Intel and IBM setting their headquarters within the city.

The city has plenty of shopping centers, restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy around the city, and Tel Aviv is only 10 miles away. While Petach Tikvah is home to cutting-edge tech industry leaders, the city has kept its simple and authentic Israeli nature – with its fabulous open air shuk (market) offering fresh goods and produce every day, falafel and shawarma stands on the street corners and, most importantly, its warm people. The population of Petach Tikvah is very diverse, comprised of native Israelis, secular and religious communities of Sephardic and Ashkenazi heritage, and new immigrants from Ethiopia, Former Soviet Union, and other countries.

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In the classroom

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Petach Tikvah serve in a variety of schools representative of the city’s diversity. In Petach Tikvah, you’ll be able to make a real difference in a setting that suits your talents, skills and personality.

For example, some Fellows teach at a school of 900 upper-middle class children which won a world-wide competition sponsored by Microsoft for use of technology in the classroom. In contrast, other Fellows work at a school for 470 lower-income children of Israelis and immigrants from Ethiopia and Russia.

However, all the schools have one thing in common: not only are the teachers and staff eager to work with volunteers like you, each has experience doing so – an important factor in ensuring your efforts are impactful.


Where you’ll live

Fellows in Petach Tikvah will enjoy living in the center of town, in apartment buildings located no more than a short walking distance from one another, which are close to the central streets of the city offering great restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as convenient public transportation to Tel Aviv.

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The apartments in Petach Tikvah include 3-6 bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and communal areas (living room and kitchen). Each apartment can contain 6-8 participants, with two participants per room (there might be a limited option to have a single room at an additional cost). The apartments are basically furnished and are equipped with kitchen utensils, a washing machine and wireless internet access.


I was drawn to Petach Tikvah because I was told it was a quintessential Israeli city. With the city being a patchwork of neighborhoods that represent the de diversity of the country as a whole, I was after the “Israel Experience” and I got it! Not to mention the fact that it’s all a short ride from the hip vibrancy of Tel Aviv and the rich culture of Jerusalem.
– Holden Sperling,  2013-2014 Fellow


Inside Israel Teaching Fellows Petach Tikvah


About the provider

Destination Israel provides you with the tools and framework needed to navigate Israel as a native. Explore the streets with ease and experience a fulfilling service in a community that truly needs your help. The schools they work with are dedicated to their volunteers and have years of experience working with together with them. As a member of Destination Israel, you will participate in weekends and seminars with upwards of 300 participants from their other programs, where you’ll make connections with peers living and working across the country.


Extra Perks for Masa Israel Teaching Fellows with Destination Israel

– Be part of a larger community

Destination Israel brings over 500 participants from 50+ different countries every year

– Experienced staff

Destination Israel team members have been involved with MITF since 2011

– Travel to unique places

Destination Israel takes you on trips all over the country, including Eilat!


Population: 210,000

Known for: Industry, proximity to Tel Aviv

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