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About Rishon LeZion

Rishon LeZion (“The First to Zion”) is the fourth largest city in Israel, with thriving metropolitan centers, parks, cultural areas, and an active night life. From its early days as the first settlement established by the immigrants of the first Aliyah back in the late 1800s until now, the city has rapidly grown, offering an urban lifestyle with plenty of shopping centers, restaurants and bars, parks and the beach, while still maintaining a strong sense of community.

The city borders some of the most beautiful Israeli beaches, is centrally located, and is the closest Masa Israel Teaching Fellows city to Tel Aviv (7 miles).

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In the classroom

Rishon LeZion’s schools all adhere to the principle of educational equality. Students at every school, not just a chosen few, have an equal opportunity to develop excellence. Schools were built in the middle of the city neighborhoods, so that children will not require transportation, and also to serve as centers of community life.

Rishon’s diverse community allows Fellows to experience all facets of Israeli society. You’ll live and work with people from extremely varied socioeconomic statuses and cultures. The community is made up of Russian and Ethiopian immigrants, secular and religious Jews, as well as native Israelis.

Fellows work in schools 25-30 hours per week, leading small group sessions of 3-5 students at a time.

Where you’ll live

Fellows in Rishon LeZion will enjoy living in the center of town, in apartment buildings located no more than a short walking distance from one another, which are close to the central streets of the city offering great restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as convenient public transportation to Tel Aviv.

The apartments in Rishon LeZion typically include 3-4 bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and communal areas (living room and kitchen). Each apartment will house 5-7 Fellows, with two participants per room (there might be a limited option to have a single room at an additional cost). The apartments are furnished and are equipped with kitchen utensils, a washing machine and wireless internet access.


When I found out I was going to be living in Rishon LeZion for 10 months I was extremely excited. I figured there was no way to be closer to Tel Aviv than living here. Little did I know that I would quickly fall in love with this city. You definitely want to live in Rishon LeZion if you want to live near the beach, enjoy awesome night life, delicious food and meet wonderful people.
-Caitlin Castellano, ITF Rishon LeZion, 2013-2014

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Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Rishon LeZion is organized by Israel Experience. The Israel Experience is a subsidiary and the educational arm of the Jewish Agency for Israel. The Israel Experience has committed to provide you with innovative and quality programming, and we work hard to make sure our programs are current, creative, meaningful and memorable.


Population: 230,000

Known for: Proximity to Tel Aviv and beautiful beaches

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