MITF STEM is built off of the success of the MITF core program in order to expand the reach of fellows with a STEM background to teach critical skills needed to succeed in a fast-changing world of high-tech and innovation, where Israel is a world leader paving the way for future innovation.

This multi-disciplinary track will encourage excellence in English and scientific studies, which ultimately leads to a significant improvement in student achievement.  Fellows on the STEM track will be able to raise students’ motivation to learn and build foundations in each field, with an emphasis on developing multidisciplinary thinking skills.

If you have a degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics and motivation, you may qualify for this track. A background in education is a plus but not a must.

STEM participants will teach elementary school children between the ages of 10-12. As a part of your 25 weekly hours at the school, you will dedicate 15 hours each week towards STEM and the remaining 10 towards teaching the fundamentals of English. The methodology incorporates project-based learning (PBL), which enables students to incorporate their English in building STEM based projects.


Participants of the STEM track will receive several weeks of training in teaching and education in STEM. We’re searching for enthusiastic innovators to join the STEM track to make an impact in a unique capacity. Apply now!