Mitzpe Ramon

There’s something magical about slipping away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities to a quieter, more peaceful environment. With its gargantuan erosion crater offering kilometer upon kilometer of arid land just waiting to be explored at the wake of dawn, to the crystal clear night skies free from urban pollution at dusk, Mitzpe Ramon offers just the nature-infused cure to relax, reflect, and recharge before returning to the nonstop city.

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In the classroom

The Mitzpe Ramon track offers certified teachers that have completed the TALMA summer program an opportunity to be part of a unique community of educators from all over the world. The targeted candidates for this track are teachers that see themselves committed to creating equal opportunities in educational systems of low income communities, while developing meaningful friendships on a crazy adventure. Mitzpe Ramon teachers will be offered an opportunity to teach English in one of 4 towns: Mitzpe Ramon, Dimona, Yeruham and Ramat Negev. Most of the students’ grades are 3-6, yet some will have the option of working at junior high schools and high schools if they please to do so. Every teacher will be offered 4 teaching methodologies that they may use when entering an Israeli classroom: Leading a class on their own, dividing a class in to two with a local Israeli teacher, Co teaching with an existing Israeli teacher or ‘pull-outs’ for groups of up to 5 students at a time.

Where you’ll live

Every teacher will share an apartment with another teacher. Every apartment includes two separate bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a shower. All apartments are located in one of the 1st neighbourhoods that were founded in the town,  and are in with walking distance from one another. All apartments are also within walking distance from the local supermarket, doctor’s office (Kupat Holim), a community gym, a community pool, some local restaurants and takeout places, a bakery, a bar and the jazz club.


About the provider

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Mitzpe Ramon is organized by TALMA- The Israel Program For Excellence in English. TALMA is both an English-immersion program for low-income Israeli elementary schoolchildren and a Fellowship for international teacher-leaders in the movement for educational equity. In order to be eligible to apply for the TALMA-MASA full year program, you must participate in the one month TALMA summer program (all expenses paid).


Under the guiding belief that English proficiency is essential to unlocking future opportunities for Israel’s low-income youth, TALMA’s social justice driven international educators devote their summer to volunteer-teaching with TALMA. In return, participating educators – TALMA Fellows – receive an all-expense-paid summer of top-notch professional development and networking opportunities in Israel, an inspiring location that serves as the ideal backdrop for learning how to lead and create social change within complex systems and environments.


TALMA turns Israel into a lab for Fellows to explore how an increasingly diverse and entrepreneurial nation devises innovative solutions to deal with deep-rooted and multi-dimensional social and economic challenges. By living, learning and teaching together, our Fellows form a network of powerful and influential changemakers who take the lessons they learn in Israel and bring them to their communities around the world.




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Debra Fienberg- Deputy Director

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