Brighten Israel’s future – and your own.

Receive information on how you can join the 2015-2016 Masa Israel Teaching Fellows cohort.


– What is Masa Israel Teaching Fellows? –

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows is an initiative of Israel’s Ministry of Education and Masa Israel Journey that works to close the achievement gap in Israel’s education system.

After completing training through the Ministry of Education, fellows lead English-language activities and serve as mentors and role models at public schools in cities in Israel’s economic periphery.

This selective, 10-month fellowship is highly subsidized and includes a round-trip flight to Israel, housing, and a monthly living stipend.

– Expand your Horizons –
                                      Brittany Walters
Masa Israel Teaching Fellow in Petach Tikvah
"I’ve had experiences far beyond anything I could have dreamt for myself, created networks far more reaching than I could have foreseen and become part of a community a world away from home."
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