About Ashkelon

The southern coastal city of Ashkelon is a place with gleaming, sandy beaches and a rich history.  Its small yet warm and welcoming community is home to immigrants from Morocco, Iraq, Ethiopia, and the Former Soviet Union.

The city boasts a clean shoreline, beautiful parks, and several archaeological sites and museums with displays of artifacts from Neolithic, Canaanite, and Byzantine civilizations.  In the evenings, head over to the Marina or Migdal Center to visit one of their many local shops, restaurants, cafes, and pubs.  Conveniently located, buses and trains travel regularly to from Ashkelon to the central stations of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Be’er Sheva.

In the Classroom

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Ashkelon serve in a variety of schools representing the city’s diversity. The community is comprised of native Israelis and immigrants, secular and religious Jews, and a range of socioeconomic statuses. Fellows work in schools 20-25 hours per week, leading small group sessions of 3-6 students at a time. Using your talents, skills, and personality, you’ll be able to make a real difference.

Where you’ll live

Fellows in Ashkelon will enjoy living in the center of town, in apartment buildings located no more than a short walking distance from one another. They’re close to the central streets of the city offering great restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as convenient public transportation.
The apartments in Ashkelon typically include 3-4 bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and communal living spaces (living room and kitchen). Each apartment will house 5-7 Fellows, with two participants per room (there might be a limited option to have a single room at an additional cost). The apartments are furnished and are equipped with kitchen utensils and WiFi.

About the Provider

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Ashkelon is organized by Israel Experience. The Israel Experience is a subsidiary and the educational arm of the Jewish Agency for Israel. The Israel Experience has committed to provide you with innovative and quality programming, and we work hard to make sure our programs are current, creative, meaningful and memorable.

About our Partners

The two unique MITF programs in Ashkelon are in partnership with the following:

The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore

The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore is where global philanthropy, volunteerism and shared commitment to Jewish peoplehood come together to make a difference.

The Associated’s Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership has connected the two communities for over 15 years through collaborative projects that build long-lasting and meaningful relationships, and a great love for Israel and the Jewish people.  Following the immersive MITF experience in Israel, our hope is that alumni will return to the Baltimore area with deep and personal connections to Israel and Jewish life, and their passion and perspective give them the tools and confidence to be policy makers, philanthropists, and advocates for change in our local Jewish community.


Chabad on Campus is a home away from home for Jewish students on over 500 campuses throughout the world. At Chabad houses, students can experience the joy, relevancy, and warmth of Judaism in a welcoming and nonjudgmental way.

Only participants who attend the Masa Israel Teaching Fellowship in Ashkelon will have the opportunity to join the Chabad track. This track offers unique programming built for individuals who have been involved with Chabad on Campus in the past. Chabad will offer special programming throughout the year, aside from this, participants work in their respective schools as per normal.


Population: 137,000

Known for: beaches, archeological sites

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