Masa Israel Teaching Fellows are committed to making Israel a better place, and in return, gain skills and memories to last a lifetime. All have unique stories to share: just click on the photos above to read about some of their experiences.

"Every day is another lesson in how important it is to take yourself out of your comfort zone and experience something you would normally miss out on." -Kari Hochwald
"My goal in Israel is not only to serve my students as a leader and teacher, but also collaborate as a learner, seeking to understand the culture, society, norms, people, education, entertainment, and all facets of Israeli life." -Seth Reder
"The opportunity to informally use my Jewish, musical, and digital knowledge to be flexible in my English teaching and volunteering was one I could not pass up." -Michael Greenstone
"On a daily basis I face challenges with teaching and living in a foreign country, but the growth I see in both the students and myself is very satisfying and makes it all worthwhile." -Emily Hirschman
"So far, this year has been an amazing journey back to my heritage, my roots. I describe it as one long love story, with the land, with the people, with life." -Abraham Weiss
"I have developed personal relationships with many of my students, and I've had the privilege of watching both their English skills and general confidence grow." - Holden Sperling
"I’ve had experiences far beyond anything I could have dreamt for myself, created networks far more reaching than I could have foreseen and become part of a community a world away from home." -Brittany Walters
Israel Teaching Fellows really impacted me both as a person and as an educator, and I think it also really showed me what I wanted in my classroom. -Lauren Glen
"This experience has given me the opportunity to put my degrees to work, learn a new language, develop relationships with people from all over the world, and discover my Jewish identity." -Jennifer Handel
"After graduating, I knew I wanted to work and live abroad. Masa Israel Teaching Fellows was the way to meet those goals." -Jason Farina
"While I’ve always felt connected to Israel, I feel a stronger connection now since this is my home for the next 10 months. I don’t think many people get to have an experience like this." -Kyla Wegman
"After this year, I would like not to return to my former career path but rather to continue teaching young students – maybe even in Israel." -Julia Kingsdale

Who we look for

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows are selected from a competitive applicant pool made up of Jewish college graduates from English-speaking countries. Fellows must have some experience as educators, either formal or informal and  must demonstrate the ability to excel in a challenging, cross-cultural environment. 

Learn more about the background and experiences of some of our current and past fellows by clicking the pictures above.


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