Michael Greenstone

When I think about my professional future, there are several things that must be a large part of it.  First of all is Judaism.  I have been active in the Jewish community since before preschool, and it continues today with my involvement at URJ Camp OSRUI, where I serve as Digital Arts Director.  I also have an extreme love of music.  My first formal experience with music was at age nine.  In addition to two degrees in music education, I’m still learning new instruments today, and I enjoy writing music in my free time, especially parodies.  Finally, teaching is another passion of mine.  I cannot imagine my life without educating others and myself in a variety of areas.  As a substitute teacher, I had this opportunity, and that flexibility has helped me in all aspects of life.  These things combined created the desire to join the Masa Israel Teaching Fellows.  The opportunity to informally use my Jewish, musical, and digital knowledge to be flexible in my English teaching and volunteering was one I could not pass up.  I have gained even more experience in Israel, and I will use that knowledge as I pursue a future in the Jewish professional world.

Hometown: Champaign, IL

College: University of Illinois

Major: Music Education

City in Israel: Rishon LeZion

Fellowship Year: 2013-2014

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