Rebecca Gutman

Why did you do MITF?

I decided to do MITF because I wanted to take time before I figured out my next move. I also wanted the chance to live in Israel for an extended period of time. I thought what better way to do it whilst teaching in Israel. I love teaching and I have always loved working with children.

 How was your experience?

My experience was great. I loved getting to know my fellow participants, the students and staff. You not only get to know those you work with every day, but you get to integrate into the community, and I met some wonderful people. I loved working with my students and seeing them grow everyday with not only their English skills but as people too. I also met some of the most wonderful people who I am still friends with now. You go into MITF thinking you are going to be the teacher and the only one giving but in the end, you learn so much from the students and they give you so much.

 What do you do now?

Now, I am working on completing my master’s degree in Disaster and Emergency Management back in Canada. I am doing an internship in security consulting. This program gave me the space and opportunity to learn about myself to figure out what I want to do with my life.

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

College: Carleton University

Major: Cognitive Science

City in Israel: Bat Yam

Fellowship Year: 2017-2018

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